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Automatic fuel and loose material samplers

This line of business comprises complex services from development, designs and drafts to deliveries of technical equipment for the automatic sampling of solid fuels, biomass, SRF, limestone, fly-ash, slag and optionally other loose stuff and substances.

Automatic samplers equipped usually with a line of fine grinding for the final treatment of the obtained sample are delivered to customers in the energetics, mining and processing industries. Deliveries are made on a "key-ready" basis including warranty and after-warranty customer service.

Automatic sampler lines

  • production and deliveries of classic and attested types of samplers, especially for coal
  • development and tests of samplers for biomass and solid recovered fuels (SRF)
  • modernisation, reconstruction and innovation of older sampler systems and equipment
  • warranty and after-warranty customer service and maintenance of newly delivered samplers
  • tests of operational and constructional aptness of sampler equipment (attests)

Piston samplers of loose materials

Technical equipment for sampling of loose materials "out of flow" such as:

  • fly-ash, sand, ground coal,
  • dried treatment sludge,
  • polystyrene and products of food industry,
  • energy gipstone and products of the cement industry.

Sample treatment

Machines and equipment of the stationary type intended for operation checks and operation laboratories for further processing of samples:

  • mills (hammer mills, disk mills),
  • fine grinding lines, crushing machines, dividers, homogenisers, batching equipment,
  • quartering equipment, netting machines, etc.

Services are provided by Division for checking of immissions and fuels and Division for implementation.

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