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ORGREZ, a.s. organizes for its customers, partners and professional public four traditional special seminars per year.

The seminars are specialized in the key domains of ORGREZ activities. The contributors are specialists and professionals among company employees. Additionally, colleagues from partner firms and specialists among customers contribute to the high professional quality of our seminars.

To the regularly held ORGREZ seminars are:


The company ORGREZ, a. s. continues to organize its well-established professional seminars on the diagnostics and servicing of power transformers, previously organized in cooperation with the companies Revos, s.r.o. and ORGREZ-R, a.s., holding a seminar on Transformer Diagnostics and Maintenance at the Atlantis Hotel on 18th and 19th February 2016. We believe that, as in the past, the seminar will benefit transformer operators, both professionally and socially.

Invitation to seminar   here (43.5 kB, MS Word document) .

SPEZO seminar – system for operational registration of emissions

The seminar is specialized in issues of air protection and is predominantly intended for staff members of energetics operators who are responsible for the measurement of emissions, emission reporting and operational registration.

The seminar is held regularly in the first half of October in the pleasant setting of the Duo Hotel in Horní Bečva. At this well-proven place and in a pleasant atmosphere, the seminar will also be held in 2013. The organizer of the seminar is the Division for Air Protection Technology, Ostrava.

The seminar on Economy of Energy Production

The seminar is specialized particularly in combustion economy of solid and alternative fuels and operational optimisation of power producing equipment using models for classical and nuclear power plants.

The seminar is intended for operators in energetics, power producing plants or industrial plants, especially for heating technicians, respectively for operations analysts.

The seminar is held regularly at the turn of April and May in the modern setting of the Jezerka Hotel. The organizer of the seminar is the Division for Heating Energetics, Prague.

The organizer of the seminar is the Division for heating power producing industry, Prag.

Seminar on Power Engineering

The seminar specializes especially in issues of resource connection to the system and diagnostics of electrical machines and equipment.

The seminar is intended for experts in power producing plants, particularly for the administrators of heavy-current devices.

The seminar is held regularly at the beginning of May in the stylish modern setting of the recreational facilities of Ranč Malevil in Heřmanice in the Podještědí Region. The organizer of the seminar is the Division for Electric Engineering, Praha.

Seminar on Environmental Legislation and Application in Energetics

The seminar specializes in Environmental Protection and issues related to the application of conditions and requirements of the Czech legislation in power producing plants. The seminar is intended for operators of energetics companies who are responsible for the implementation of legal conditions for environment in waste management, purity of waste water, integrated prevention, VEP treatment, etc.

The seminar is held regularly at the end of May in the pleasant setting of the Eliška Hotel in Mikulov. The organizer of the seminar is the Division for Ecological Systems, Ostrava.

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