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Selected references in advisory and consulting activities

  • Technical help in the elaboration of applications for subsidies in the reconstruction project for K7 boiler for biomass combustion in Kopřivnice,
    KOMTERM, a.s., 2010
  • Energetics audits of numerous heating plants
    ČEZ, a.s. all power plants, DALKIA ČR, Heating Plants in Olomouc and Karviná, Pražská teplárenská a.s. and others
  • Ecological information systems in EisNet, EisOrgNet – region: waste and water management, air protection, EMS and occupational health and safety, IRZ, safety risks, and others
    ČEZ, a. s., Škoda auto a.s., DALKIA ČR
  • Information expert systems
    ČEZ, a.s – Department for technical control and diagnostics, laboratories E32 and E54, ČEPS, a.s., International Power Opatovice, a.s, Slovnaft, ŽSR
  • IPPC and changes in the Decision on IPPC
    Elektrárny ČEZ, a.s., Heating Plant in Kyjov, a.s., Plzeňská energetika, a.s.,
    Heating Plant in Č Budějovice, Plzeňská teplárenská,a.s., UE Komořany
    Continuous implementation according to effective legislation
  • REACH – Technical help in preliminary registration, registration of chemical substances, representation at SIEF forums and trusts
    ČEZ, a.s., ACTHERM, spol. s r.o., United Energy, a.s., KA contracting ČR, a.s., Teplárna Trmice, a.s., KOMTERM, a.s., MORAVOSTAV Brno, a.s., Plzeňská teplárenská, a.s., OKD, HBZS, a.s., Plzeňská energetika, a.s.
  • Project – "Independent technical assessment of pressure evaporator aggregate with modification on SNCR at GO of K15 boiler", UNIPETROL RPA
  • Evaluation of product parameters after combustion
    ČEZ, a.s. – all power plants, Dalkia ČR, a.s., KA Contracting ČR, s.r.o., Teplárna České Budějovice a.s.
  • Products certification according to NV 163/2002 Coll. of Laws
    ČEZ, a.s., Dalkia ČR, a.s., Plzeňská Teplárenská, a.s., Synthesia, a.s.

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