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Selected references in diagnostics and optimisation of thermal circuits

  • Project of GM and GM SAKO Brno – test ”A“
    CNIM CZ, s.r.o., 2010-2011
  • Period measurements on 2nd and 4th RB before GO
    ČEZ, a.s., Nuclear Power Plant in Dukovany, 2011 – 2012
  • GM parameters of CHÚV
    in NZ Power Plants Levice, VWS MEMSEP, s.r.o., 2011
  • Guarantee A tests of K22 boiler
    Power Plant in Prunéřov, Alstom, s.r.o. 2011
  • Absorption capacity assessment of PSK on 1st and 4th RB
    ČEZ, a.s., Nuclear Power Plant in Dukovany, 2011
  • Technical help in design and commissioning of new units
    at ČEZ, a.s. in power plants in Tušimice, Prunéřov, Ledvice, 2008-2009-2010-2012
  • Verification of cooling effect in forced-draught cooling towers of production unit Nr. 4
    ČEZ, a.s, Power Plant in Ledvice, 2011
  • Theoretical verification of optimisation of condensation and cooling circuit, new units,
    ČEZ, a.s., Power Plant in Tušimice II 2011
  • Tightness verification of TG2 and TG3 vacuum system
    ČEZ, a.s., Power Plant in Tisová, ČEZ, a.s. 2011
  • Guarantee tests of K22 boiler in the Power Plant of Prunéřov, ČEZ, a.s. Elektrárna Prunéřov, 2011 and 2013

More information can be found in the page Diagnostics and optimization of thermal cycles.

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