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Division for checking of immissions and fuels

Profile of the division

The division for immissions and fuels checking is further subdivided into 4 smaller units. These are the Department for immissions, Department for fuels and Testing laboratory in Most (ZLM) and Proficiency Testing Group (SZZ). ORGREZ, a.s. (the division for checking immissions and fuels) has also been granted the Measurement Authorization for pollutant immissions.

The department for immissions deals with the deliveries, operation and maintenance of immission monitoring, air pollution evaluation from the complex view and from the view of each emission source, with specialization especially in big emission sources. Monitoring can also be provided by the accredited ČIA laboratory, which has been authorized by the Ministry of Environment in the Czech Republic. The division provides  continuous evaluation and presentation of measured immission data.

The department for fuels provides the attestation of automatic fuel samplers, including the evaluation of obtained samples in an accredited laboratory. The activities of the department also cover the complex quality checking of fuel deliveries.

Testing laboratory in Most – ZLM (accredited by the Czech Accreditation Institute under Nr. 1179) has two main accredited activities. Ambient air quality measurement and fuel sampling and its subsequent analysis. These activities are assessed according to the standard of ČSN EN ISO/IEC 17025:2005 on a regular basis.

The ZLM provides a measurement network of ambient air quality monitoring stations throughout the Czech Republic, in which the laboratory monitors air pollution and simultaneously has a Reference Testing Unit for the simulation of activities in fuel sampling.

Proficiency Testing Group – SZZ is proficiency testing provider no. 7014 accredited by Czech Accreditation Institute in accordance with ČSN EN ISO/IEC 17043:2010. SZZ provides proficiency testing in domain of physical and chemical characteristics of solid fossil fuels. 

Products and services

  • design, checking of measurements, construction, maintenance of continuous ambient air quality monitoring systems
  • accredited ambient air quality measurements and operation of ambient air quality data bank from 1991
  • dust formation measurements in working air
  • complex and partial evaluation of air pollution status and development in relation to single emission sources
  • attestation of automatic fuel samplers
  • complex quality checking of fuel deliveries
  • analysis of solid fuels (including biofuels) in an accredited laboratory
  • proficiency testing


ORGREZ, a.s.
Division for checking of immissions and fuels
Budovatelů 2531
434 01 Most
Tel.: 476 702 785, 602 640 991
E-mail: paliva[z]orgrez.czimise[z]orgrez.cz
Division managing director:
Vojtěch Kopřiva
E-mail: vojtech.kopriva[z]orgrez.cz
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