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Division for transformer maintenance

Profile of the division

The basic task of the division is consulting, providing services related to the maintenance of transformers and regeneration of transformer oils.

In the mobile FLUIDEX, type MRP 5000-RPM regenerators, processes of siccation, filtration and degassing, together with the regeneration process of old oil and the reactivation of adsorption mass with the subsequent additional inhibition of regenerated transformer oil are integrated.

Oil regeneration is a complex oil treatment with the aim to restore all the characteristics and parameters of transformer oil to the quality level of new oil.

Products and services

  • Providing complex maintenance of transformers
  • Regeneration of transformer oils


ORGREZ, a.s.
Division for transformer maintenance
Hudcova 321/76
612 00 Brno - Medlánky
Tel.: +420 720 043 679
E-mail: olej[z]orgrez.cz
Division managing director:
Michal Müller
E-mail: michal.muller[z]orgrez.cz
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