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Division of electrotechnical laboratories

Profile of the division

Division of electrotechnical laboratories (organizational division 720) deals in particular with diagnostics of insulation systems of electrical equipment. Provided services represent a comprehensive care solution of very-high/high-voltage devices used in production, distribution and consumption of electrical energy. The main work of the division is testing and diagnostic measurements of electrical rotating and non-rotating machines for HV and VHV applications. The oil laboratory is a part of the division 720 and provides physical and chemical tests of electrical insulating fluids including chromatographic analysis of dissolved gases (DGA) present in an electroinsulating oil charge. The sampling of the electrical insulating charges is a part of the common work.

Providing expert evaluations and making turnkey projects of operating regulations are the important activities.

Within the division 720, the testing laboratory ZL E01 has been working since 2005, accredited by the Czech Accreditation Institute, in accordance with ČSN EN ISO/IEC 17025.

Division 720 is also a founding member of  High Voltage Testing Association (AZVN) where it is registered as ZL E01.

Products and services

  • Testing engineering, testing of HV and VHV work aids for electrical engineering
  • Diagnostics of electrical insulation systems of non-rotating machines, especially power transformers (and distribution, oven and traction transformer), chokes, lightning arresters, surge arresters, bushings, etc.
  • Diagnostics of insulation systems in electrical rotating machines – generators and HV motors
  • Analyses of oils and tests of solid cellulose-based insulation
  • Consulting, design and expert activities
  • Diagnostics of electrical equipment containing SF6
  • Certification tests for persons recovering fluorinated greenhouse gases from HV switchgear


ORGREZ, a.s.,
Division of electrotechnical laboratories
Vítkova 189/17, 
186 00 Praha - Karlín
Tel.: 222 314 320, 602 336 217
E-mail: laborg[z]orgrez.cz
Division managing director: 
Jiří Brázdil
Lubomír Markus
Head of the departement of diagnostic and high-voltage testing
Tel.: +420 724 271 075
E-mail: lubomir.markus[z]orgrez.cz
Lenka Košanová
Head of the oil laboratory
Tel.: +420 724 214 102
E-mail: lenka.kosanova[z]orgrez.cz
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