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Advisory and consulting activities

In this market segment, the ORGREZ company provides consulting, elaborates various expert studies, assessments and expert statements and provides further specific services within the whole energy process from technologies of fuel preparation to equipment of power output.

Expert reports and audits

  • technical and economical reports and assessments, feasibility studies, documentation for preparation of investment plans
  • noise and dispersion reports, EIA studies and feasibility studies 
  • audits and inspections of technological and operational conditions of the equipment, Due Diligence audits
  • expert reporting
  • risk analysis, trouble analysis and other special analyses


  • consulting and development activities in the maintenance and operation of electrical machines and equipment
  • consulting and professional help in assessments, permissions and limitations of chemical substances – REACH processes
  • Authorized collection of waste samples by a certified sampleman according to Law Nr. 185/01 Coll. of Laws and Ordinance Nr. 376/01 Coll. of Laws
  • Assessment of dangerous characteristics of waste materials and certification of dangerous characteristics of waste materials by an authorized person according to Ordinance Nr. 376/01 Coll. of Laws
  • Usage of secondary energy VEP products in the building industry – products certification according to Government Directive Nr. 163/2002 Coll. of Laws, conformity assessment of products from secondary energy VEP products, according to Law Nr. 22/1997 Coll. of Laws and implementation regulations stipulating technical requirements for selected products in building industry
  • consulting in designing and construction of immission and emission monitoring systems
  • consulting in waste treatment and environmental protection (integrated register for pollution and its support)
  • creation of regulations for the diagnostics of electrical machines and equipment

Expert, information and management systems

  • information and expert systems for testing laboratories of high-voltage rotary and non-rotary machines
  • application and professional help in introducing management systems (IMS, EMS, IPPC)
  • information and expert systems in the measurement and evaluation of pollutant emissions (EMON systems)

Software solutions

  • development of technical and economical models and applications for analysis, planning and optimisation of thermal source operations
  • modelling of operational status in thermal equipment and thermal circuits of power and heating plants
  • SW for registration and administration of plant metrology
  • SW Thermoflow – designs of new equipment and modelling of current technologies
  • CFD simulation in ANSYS programme, application of CFX – modelling for liquid and gases flows and processes
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