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Authorized measurements of emissions and monitoring systems and emission assessment

Emission measurements and the related services fall into the category of works for public, industrial and municipal energetics and industrial sphere specialized in air protection and purity.

Apart from authorized emission measurements, ORGREZ delivers evaluation systems for emission measurements including control and consulting activities in this specific field. Solves the monitoring issues of the above air pollutants emissions and their reduction.

Authorized emission measurements

The measurements are performed by the Laboratory for Authorized Measurements on the basis of the Decision of the Ministry of Environment on issuing Authorization Certificates of emission measurements and on the accreditation of ČIA.

Subject of measurements:

  • single measurements of solid and liquid pollutants concentrations,
  • Quality assurance of automatic measuring systems
  • Calibration of automatic measuring (monitoring) emissions systems
  • Verification of automatic measuring (monitoring) emissions systems
  • verification measurements for the results of continuous emission measurements,
  • device (dust-counters) calibration for continuous TZL concentration measurements.

Measurement range:

  • concentrations of TZL, SO2, NOx, CO, CO2, O2, PCDD/PCDF, PAH, PCB and metals,
  • concentrations of organic gases and fumes, total concentrations of organic substances

The laboratory also provides:

  • measurements of air-conditioning parameters of agitated air mass,
  • measurement of dew point for sulphur acid,
  • measurement of electric resistance of fly-ash in-site,
  • guarantee measurements of process equipment and technology processes,
  • adjustment of technology processes as to pollutants minimization,
  • efficiency measurements of separating devices,
  • PM10, PM2.5.

Delivery of evaluation systems for continuous emission measurements

Complex evaluation system for the fulfilment of legislation requirements in air protection with registration documents by which the operator proves the observance of emission limits and the utilization of emissions monitoring.

  • visualization system
  • evaluation system

Control and consulting in continuous emission measurements

  • Quality and system reliability assurance of emissions monitoring
    Complex of services with the aim to provide the system management of data evaluation from continuous emissions measurements on a regular basis in order to meet the requirements resulting from the regulation of the Czech Ministry of the Environment. This applies particularly to the requirements for emissions limits, for system operational reliability of measurements (utilization), and for the smooth operation of the whole evaluation system.
  • System of operational registration for pollution sources – SPEZO
    Elaboration and evaluation of summary monthly and yearly data of operational registration containing the summaries of all permanent data and average values of all variable data according to the effective legislation and elaboration of emissions summaries from air pollution sources in the form of consulting activities and advisory services.

Services are provided by Division for air protection technology and Division for checking of immissions and fuels.

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