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Calculation of technical losses

Performing a calculation

Calculations are performed using the world recognized PSSE programme (from Siemens) on the basis of data acquired from customers or providers of a parent distribution system.

A complete data model is created for the system to be calculated (a local distribution system or an independent wholesale customer’s system, power plant or heating plant internal consumption, etc.) and variants are created for one or more operating modes depending on the system character (so-called characteristic modes) and the customer’s specification. The data model contains the parameters of cables, transformers or power supplies, a list of all nodes and their parameters and, finally, the effective and idle takeoffs/supplies in the system nodes. By “node” we are generally referring to a switchgear bus-bar or line branch. Variable losses are completely computed in the PSSE programme. No-load losses are also to some extent part of the network operation: they are losses in the line dielectric and no-load losses of transformers. The remaining less significant losses – transition resistance losses, circuit breaker losses and measuring and control element losses – are added by manual calculation.

If the system operator does not have any specific values for transformer no-load or short-circuit losses or any other parameters necessary for calculating the network operation, our internal calculation database and substitute values can be used.

Practical benefits of the calculation

  • obtaining information on the operational economy of a local distribution system or independent wholesale customer’s system, power plant or heating plant internal consumption
  • obtaining information on increased operating costs in the case of forced operation of the system in substitute connection
  • obtaining qualified data for the decision-making process regarding making the existing local distribution system or internal consumption more efficient, modernization or substitution of specific devices (e.g. transformers) and change in the connection method etc.
  • obtaining data to assess the connectivity of a new power plant or significant takeoff into the local distribution system or internal consumption in relation to loading existing lines
  • creating a report on the calculation of technical losses, along with a certificate – can be applied when negotiating with the customs authority on receiving an exemption on electricity tax required to cover losses in the distribution system in accordance with Act No. 261/2007
  • quantification of technical losses in the local distribution system (for the operation of which the operator has a licence) can be used as the evidential basis when applying for an increase in the distribution fee charged to customers/electricity consumers

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