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Design works and engineering

In this field, ORGREZ elaborates technical and design documentation, provides consulting, elaborates various expert studies, assessments and expert statements, and provides other specific services, and is active in the power producing industry. The company is involved in the implementation of investment units in the power producing industry.

Design works

  • conceptual engineering – feasibility studies, implementation studies, technical and economic reports, risk analyses, trouble analyses and other special analyses
  • design documentation – documentation of Regional Management and Building Permits
  • basic design – coordination activities, elaboration and checks of BD documentation
  • contract documentation of constructions, documentation for contractor selection and tenders
  • detail design – implementation projects, coordination activities, accuracy assessment
  • documentation of actual state

Production and installation checks – quality assurance

  • production processes – acceptance of equipment according to effective Czech and international standards, inspection activities, checks of production documentation
  • installation – installation supervision, checks of installation documentation and acceptance of equipment on construction sites

Commissioning of equipment

  • accuracy assessment of start-up programmes, project of first start-up, PKV and KV tests
  • processing PČO documentation
  • author supervision
  • engineering inspection of the investor, execution of the duties of construction administrator
  • staff training

Expert reports and audits

  • noise and dispersion reports, EIA studies and feasibility studies 
  • audits and inspections of technological and operational conditions of the equipment, Due Diligence audits


  • consulting in subsidies from EU funds for energetics projects
  • consulting in designing and construction of immission and emission monitoring systems
  • consulting in planning, design and implementation of projects in environmental protection
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