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Diagnostics and optimization of thermal cycles

The segment comprises various work performed on the main producing equipment directly in a power producing plant. The diagnostic measurements have a direct relation to operational optimization of power production, guarantee measurement carried out in order to verify the guaranteed parameters of new and reconstructed equipment, etc.

Boilers, fuel preparation, combustion modes of coal boilers

  • guarantee and verification measurements of new and reconstructed boiler units
  • efficiency measurements by the indirect method and direct measurements
  • measurement of air distribution, flue duct tightness and air heater tightness
  • effects assessment of fuel quality, slagging and corrosion
  • preparation, implementation and evaluation of complex combustion tests of new fuel types
  • operational optimization of mill cycles in coal boilers

Steam turbines of condensational and thermal types and their accessories

  • parameter measurement of steam turbine equipment, parameter optimization of regeneration, condensation, cooling circuits, calorifier rooms, etc.
  • designs of start-up diagrams of steam turbines
  • regulation characteristics of steam turbines
  • diagnostics of internal and external leakages in turbines
  • assessment of cooling efficiency of cooling towers
  • mode optimization of cooling circuits

Diagnostics and optimization of electric and thermal power units and equipment

  • analysis of system quality and equipment of operational units measurements
  • unit diagnostics before and after general overhauls
  • assessment of consumption characteristics
  • economy assessment of unit operation
  • assessment of operational and technical levels of units
  • development and deliveries of complex systems for economy monitoring of units
  • measurements of calorifier rooms and circular pumps, measurements of pressure and thermal losses in hot water and steam pipes, surface temperatures of pipes
  • parameter measurement of compressors, pumps and fans
  • measurements of electric power, liquid and gas flow, general measurements of temperature and pressure in power producing plants

Water treatment, power plant chemistry

  • treatment issues of technological waters and condensates
  • risk diagnostics and prevention of corrosion effects
  • chemical cleaning, surface conditioning, etc.
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