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Diagnostics of rotary and non-rotary power producing equipment

In this highly specific field, the company provides complex solutions of the maintenance of electric equipment for production, distribution and the exploitation of electric energy. In accredited very high tension/high tension testing laboratories, the company has rotary and non-rotary electric equipment tested with DC and AC voltage for failures in winding insulations, short-circuits, etc.  It involves the analyses of oils and the tests of solid insulations.

Testing engineering, testing laboratories for very high tension / high tension

  • tests of personal protective and working equipment in electrical engineering: live-conductor testers, phasing kits, fishing hooks, disconnecting and manipulation rods, dielectric gloves and shoes
  • insulation tests of high-tension device transformers
  • tests in very-high-tension testing laboratories (voltage sources up to 150 kV/AC; 0.5 A)
  • tests at customers’ site using mobile sources (voltage sources up to 350 kV/AC; 350 kVA, impulse generator of atmospheric pulse 1.2/50 μs; 25 kV)

Diagnostics of electric equipment

  • condition measurement of insulation systems in device transformers and capacitors
  • tests of valve-type arresters and sparkless and surge voltage protectors in high-tension and very-high-tension surge voltage limiters
  • measurements of switch-on and switch-off time, dynamic resistance and flow resistance in switches
  • diagnostic noise measurements of rotary and non-rotary electric machines

Diagnostics of insulation systems in rotary electric machines – generators and motors

  • measurements of insulation resistance, capacity and loss factors, impedance, voltage dependence of insulation resistance or partial discharges
  • tests of inter turn winding insulation, indication of threaded short-circuit in rotary winding, surge tests with atmospheric pulse
  • measurements of ozone indication in cooling air
  • machine checks using thermovision and other special tests

Diagnostics of power transformers

  • measurements of insulation resistance, leakage factors and capacities, C2/C50 value
  • measurements of winding resistance, voltage ratios
  • characteristics assessment of winding connection
  • measurements of magnetization current, short-circuit impedance, analyses of polarization spectrum (RVM) and frequency response (FRA)
  • dielectric spectroscopy in frequency domain
  • measurement of switch time in tapping switches
  • operational diagnostics of through insulators
  • voltage tests with AC voltage
  • thermovision checks and other special tests

Analyses of oils and tests of solid insulation

  • measurements of insulation and quality parameters of insulation oils, i.e. tests of breakdown voltage, water content, acid value assessment of oils, etc.
  • assessment of sludge and corrosive sulphur presence
  • tests of thermal-oxidative stability, assessment of amount and size of particles
  • content assessment of PCB substances
  • inventory of equipment containing PCB substances
  • analysis of gases soluble in insulation oil – gas-chromatographic method (DGA)

Analyses of machine oils – lubricants, turbine and hydraulic oils

  • assessment of kinematic viscosity, mechanical pollutants, sludge and sediments
  • assessment of air separability, oil foamability, deemulgation value, antioxidants, acid value, density and inflammation point

Tests of solid insulation

  • assessment of water content, average polymeration level, 2-furancarbaldehyde and related compounds

SF6 diagnostics

  • training and certificate exams for staff members working in the recuperation of some fluorine greenhouse gases from high-voltage switching assemblies
  • assessment of SF6 (purity) and SO2 contents
  • analysis of SF6 degradation products by gas-chromatographic method

Services are provided by Division for electrical engineering and Division of electrotechnical laboratories.

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