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Emission and immission monitoring systems

The segment involves services for large-scale power engineering and general public with explicit specification for air purity monitoring. The company implements herewith emission and immission monitoring stations, including superior evaluation systems.

ORGREZ runs a measurement network of immission stations throughout the Czech Republic at which the company monitors air pollution from the complex view and from the view of single emission sources with a specialization in large-scale emission sources.

Delivery of evaluation systems for continuous emission measurements

  • system design (acceptance, transport, preparation, analysis and sample evaluation or in-site principle) for continuous emissions monitoring (or system for operational measurements)
  • delivery of all equipment, installation on process equipment, installation of system units, system activation and adjustment
  • training for operators, elaboration of instructions for operation of devices
  • deliveries of separate components for measuring system
  • systems for monitoring activities of reducing emissions devices (separators, filtres, etc.)
  • services of analyzer systems

Products and services for immission measurements

  • designs and deliveries of continuous immission-monitoring systems
  • accredited air immission measurements and operation of immissions databank from 1991
  • dust formation measurements in working air
  • complex and partial evaluation of air pollution status and development in relation to single emission sources

Customer service for equipment of emission and immission monitoring systems

  • warranty and after-warranty complex customer service for emission and immission monitoring systems
  • customer service of any equipment for gas analysis in the agreed range, rebuilding of older devices and components of measuring system
  • non-stop emergency cover by field service engineers
  • renting of emergency equipment for the period of repairs
  • check measurements, error diagnostics, adjustment and calibration of devices

Services are provided by Division for air protection technology and Division for checking of immissions and fuels.

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