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Environment and issues of greenhouse gases

Greenhouse gases issues at ORGREZ y are solved in relation to environmental protection as an integral whole – both from the view of management technology for polluting emissions reduction, and the point of monitoring systems and the assessment of greenhouse gases emissions, especially CO2.

Diagnostics and optimisation of power and heating plant units and equipment

  • assessment of the quality and operational economy of the units
  • development and deliveries of a complex system for economy monitoring of units
  • optimisation of operational modes and achievement of maximum operational efficiency in equipment

Reduction of NOx emissions

  • analyses, assessments and feasibility studies for the implementation of DENOx measures
  • diagnostics and adjustments of DENOx technologies
  • deliveries of partial components for SNCR technology or deliveries of equipment complexes on "key-ready" basis

Waters, soils and ecology

  • assessment of metal content with atomic absorption spectrometry and PCB content in soils. It is included in "Environment and greenhouse gases issues".

Impacts assessment of air pollution from emissions sources

The segment includes a variety of work related to the selected emission source assessment in relation to the surrounding air. In particular:

  • Creation of dispersion studies according to the model SYMOS´97 by the authorized person
  • Calculation of the necessary height of chimney for a new emission source in define location by the authorized person
  • Impacts size assessment of emission source to the overall level of air pollution in define location
  • The development assessment of the impact size of emission source to the overall level of air pollution in define location in the past up to the present   
  • Impacts range assessment of sources from surroundings vectors in the direction of air pollution in define location

Services are provided by Division for ecology systems and Division for checking of immissions and fuels.

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