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Management and regulation of electrisation networks

The services in this segment are intended for the management and regulation of the production, distribution and consumption of electric energy. The company implements deliveries of special electric power systems, makes certificate and guarantee measurements, diagnostics and operational optimisation with respect to the enhancement of efficiency, safety and reliability of electric power equipment.

Measurements, regulation and diagnostics

  • tests of field regulators
  • verification of functions of system PSS stabilisers
  • certification of support services
  • measurements of electricity quality (compensation of power factors, higher harmonic, flicker)
  • localisation of earth connections in insulation systems up to 1,000 V during operation
  • guarantee measurements of own consumption
  • thermovision checks

Expert activities, analyses, studies

  • dynamics modelling for power producing systems, short-circuit calculations
  • suggested adjustment of system PSS stabilisers
  • analyses of backup sources and black starts
  • verification of ferroresonance sources
  • research of connectivity for new supplies

Deliveries of management systems and special services in electric power engineering

  • systems of very-high-voltage regulation (ASRU)
  • systems of island operation and load relieving
  • operational systems of nodes for own consumption
  • protective and anti-crash systems
  • operation and maintenance of power producing equipment
  • engineering of mounting and starting-up supplies, electric switchboards and equipment
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