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Technologies for air protection

In the development and deliveries of equipment for air protection, the company specializes in processes for the reduction of greenhouse gas concentrations (NOx) in waste gases and in deliveries of industry applications for the management and operational optimisation of electrical fly-ash separators in the combustion of fossil fuels.

Within projects for NOx reduction in output waste gases in boilers of industrial power engineering, ORGREZ designs and delivers process equipment of SNCR or SCR type. Deliveries are made on a "key-ready" basis including warranty and after-warranty customer service.

Reduction of NOx emissions

  • analyses, assessments and feasibility studies for implementation of DENOx measures
  • semi production tests and SNCR technology tests on concrete equipment
  • draft and design of SNCR equipment
  • deliveries of partial components for SNCR technology or deliveries of equipment complexes on "key-ready" basis
  • warranty and after-warranty customer service and maintenance of delivered equipment and SNCR components

Reduction of SOx emissions

  • Operational optimisation of some desulphurization units

Industrial applications and projects for electrical fly-ash separators

  • Management and monitoring system of electrical fly-ash separators. The management and monitoring system adjusts the parameters of an electrical separator to the optimum condition for a specific type of operation, and simultaneously brings savings of electric energy for the supply of electrical separators.
  • Unit for the automatic management of electrode sounding in electrical fly-ash separators.

Services are provided by Division for ecology systems.

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